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Supercomputer has edge on human

A chess-playing supercomputer takes the early lead in its match against the U.K.'s top chess player.

Chess grandmaster Michael Adams got soaked by a chess-playing supercomputer named Hydra in Game 1 of their six-game chess match worth $150,000 in prize money. But he rebounded to force a draw in Game 2, played at the Wembley Conference Center in London on Wednesday.

Adams worked for five and a half hours to force a draw after 65 moves in the second game. According to the official match Web site, Hydra's chief programmer, Chirlly Donninger, said the game favored Adams and was very difficult for Hydra.

In Game 1, Hydra, which possesses the computing power of 200 average home PCs, defeated the human in just 33 moves.

Game 3 was scheduled for June 23, and the final three games will be played from June 25 to 27 in London. The winner of each game receives $25,000 while a draw nets $10,000 for each player.

The moves from both games can be seen at the tournament site.