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Supercharged PS3 joystick

The USB-based controller can hold up to 20 keystroke combinations.

XCM Dominator PS3 joystick

Are you tired of getting knocked out in fighting games such as the upcoming Street Fighter IV? The $89.99 XCM Dominator joystick may be the solution to your misery. Unlike Sony's wireless SixAxis and DualShock3 controller, the USB-based Dominator supports macro programming and holds up to 20 keystroke combinations in four memory keys. So instead of clocking countless hours practicing a super special combo strike, all you need is to effortlessly hit a button to execute the move.

There is also a rapid-fire turbo mode for its eight primary buttons perfect for first-person shooter games. At the moment, there are no indications of any force feedback support for the Dominator. What you do get is a bank of pretty blue LEDs to light up its translucent black casing. XCM has just announced U.S. availability, but did not elaborate further for other regional markets.

PS3 joystick buttons

(Via Crave Asia)