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Superbowl dream: Beer dispenser sports LCD screens

Dispenser has integrated LCD screens and speakers, so you can watch movies and look at photos while you pour.


The Superbowl will be here before you know it, and if you're anything like me, you've been too busy to catch live every game leading up to it. DVRs, of course, let you record and replay programs you've missed, but if you don't have TiVo or a similar device, you often have to rely on low-fidelity videos watched on your home computer.

With inventions like the MicroMatic v-POD Tower, however, replaying your favorite games gets a little more exciting and a lot more high-tech.

The v-POD beer dispenser has a built-in 10-inch LCD screen, and a remotely mounted DiGi viewer (an electronic multimedia interface that typically reads memory cards or routes VGA or video inputs to an external device). In other words, you can watch videos (or slide shows of your last Superbowl party) while you pour from either four or six faucets.


The v-POD comes in several configurations, like the dual- and single-column varieties seen here, and is available in stainless steel or brass. The stainless steel dual-column versions will set you back around $3,050, and the brass version is slightly more at $3,260.

In other words, something like this is probably best meant for the very serious bartender or sports fanatic (or someone with a few extra bucks to throw into their home bar and a big urge to impress their party guests).