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Super-rugged PC begs to be smashed

Its LCD is exposed on side of the case.


Recently we've seen some innovative clear hard-shell cases for iPhones and iPods, but somehow we don't think they'd meet the demands of the super-rugged "Vigor Evo HD." Why? As you can see in the photo, this PC has a 17-inch LCD stuck on the side of its case.

It's unclear why someone in need of a rugged computer would want this kind of exposed monitor, which seems to be begging to be smashed. Still, NextComputing describes the machine as its "highest-performance rugged workstation," according to Engadget, with a 3-terabyte hard drive, dual-layer DVD writer, choice of Intel or AMD processors, rubber shock absorbers, and a "floating chassis" that supposedly can handle whatever is thrown its way.

The company describes the Vigor Evo HD as portable (note the handle) but then says it weighs "under 20 pounds," so the definition is apparently a fluid one. But no matter what, it would be a great role model for that alien-fighting iPod dock.