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Super Metronome Hero stops the music

Guitar Hero has nothing on this bare-bones parody of rhythm gaming.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Guitar Hero has nothing on this bare-bones parody of rhythm gaming.

Rhythm games. Who hates 'em? Developer Zutty sure does — which was why he made Super Metronome Hero for F*** This Jam, a jam that tasked developers with making a game in a genre they hate.

In our own contrary fashion, we think that the game a piece of inspired greatness.

The game contains seven levels, starting at 40 beats per minute and speeding up with every successful completion. It's ... a metronome. Just a metronome. You have to hit a key — any key — when the pendulum hits the centre, and it's surprisingly hard to get it exactly right.

And yet, there it is: the very soul of rhythm gaming staring us in the face, born of practicality as much as anything. Zutty said:

Rhythm games are the only genre I truly hate, but since I lack any music-making skills or equipment, I would have had to find decent-quality public domain music to make a true Guitar Hero-style game. To save myself this trouble, I decided instead to boil the concept down to its bare bones.

We love it, Zutty, no matter what you say.

Play Super Metronome Hero yourself here, and check out the rest of the (extensive!) F*** This Jam submissions list here.