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Super Mario theme levels up 8-bit wedding

Super Mario Brothers once again appears as a metaphor for real-life geek love as a designer creates elaborate 8-bit-style invitations for his friends' Mario-themed wedding.

Super Mario wedding invite
All those sewers were totally worth it. Larry Quach

Geek love manifests itself in many ways. You can have a computer conduct the ceremony or beam a bridesmaid in on an iPad. Or you can choose a romantic Super Mario Brothers theme for your special day.

Super Mario wedding invitation
I hope Luigi gets to be best man. (Click to enlarge.) Larry Quach

Mario's dedicated quest to find his princess has emerged as a metaphor for real-life nerd love before. We know of at least one guy who proposed to his lady through Super Mario.

More recently, designer and artist Larry Quach was pressed into service for his friends' video game-inspired wedding. Bride Esther Tanouye specifically wanted to kick it old school with an 8-bit Super Mario theme.

Quach designed the wedding invitations to look like gaming cartridges. Each one opened up to reveal wedding details and a series of mystery box cards with directions, registry information, and an RSVP postcard.

The list of cautions on the back of the faux game cartridge included not storing it in extreme temperatures, as well as the instruction "Do have and hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until game over do us part." Aww, how sweet.

Each guest at the wedding also received a little Mario mystery box with the individual's menu choice for the dinner and several fake gold coins.

This makes me wonder what the wedding menu looked like. I sure hope there was 1-Up Mushroom Alfredo pasta and Princess Peach cobbler.

Mystery Box card
Mmm, 8-bit beef. Larry Quach

(Via Wedinator)