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Super Mario Run hits iOS on December 15

The highly anticipated iPhone and iPad game will offer limited, free content. It will cost you $10 to unlock the full experience.

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At Apple's launch event for the iPhone 7, the biggest buzz wasn't about the phone. It was about a game.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto showed up at the September event to demo Super Mario Run, which Nintendo calls the "first-ever mobile game featuring the most iconic video game hero of all time."

The game will be released on December 15 for Apple's iOS operating system on iPhones and iPads, Nintendo said Tuesday. The initial download is free but offers limited content. Unlocking the full game will cost $9.99 in the US. That works out to £7.99 and AU$14.99.

The game is coming to a total of 151 countries and regions.

Read our full coverage of Super Mario Run here, including how to sign up for a notification when it's available to download.

Nintendo puts a price on Super Mario Run (CNET Update report)