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Super Mario Run gets a real-life parkour makeover

Nintendo's first smartphone game inspires a viral free-running video featuring goofy humor and amazing stunts.

Pokemon Go is so five minutes ago. The latest mobile craze is Nintendo's Super Mario Run.

One ambitions filmmaker has even re-imagined the iOS game as a live-action short. Devin Graham, who's also responsible for Assassin's Creed parkour, enlisted parkour athlete Calen Chan to become Mario.

In the video, Mario is trying to impress the Princess with his athletic skills when she gets kidnapped by three goons in a hatchback. This leads to a chase through an industrial park, a snow-covered mountain, a desert and finally a road-side confrontation.

Given this is Mario there's plenty of goofy humor, but in terms of visuals, it looks fantastic. The video was shot on a Red camera in 6K, which is a step up from the Canon 5D of the original. There are also coins littered around the "levels" for good measure.