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Super Mario re-created in snack food on Vine

A Super Mario fan with a collection of snack food reenacts 6-second moments of the retro game on Vine.

Super Mario in food
This Mario is super tasty. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET.

The story of Mario has been told with video games, sticky notes, first-person animation, and real-life go-karts. But never before have you seen Mario quite like this, reenacted in snack food 6 seconds at a time using Vine.

The stop-motion animator behind this crazy concept is Hunter Harrison, a man who apparently has both too much time and too much snack food on his hands.

We've always known that gaming and salty and sweet snacks go together like Mario and Princess Peach. I just never quite expected the marriage to take this form.

So far, there are three entries in the series, the most recent of which goes "underwater" with a blue background with Twizzlers (or Red Vines) and goldfish crackers.

It should be noted that not every food represented in the reenactments is necessarily bad for you. There appear to be some leafy greens and a cucumber in use. Perhaps Harrison could do a few other Super Mario series with different themes, like all organic vegetables, or nothing but Doritos.

(Via PSFK)