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Super Mario Odyssey trailer is a Broadway musical

Nintendo has unveiled the newest trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, which reimagines the game as a dance number set in New Donk City.

Nintendo has revealed a new trailer in the style of a Broadway musical for its upcoming Switch game Super Mario Odyssey.

The "Jump Up, Super Star! - Super Mario Odyssey Musical" trailer is set in New Donk City, a thinly veiled version of New York City, and features Mario grooving alongside singers and dancers on the streets of Soho. 

And yeah, there's some gameplay too. The video concentrates on the game mechanic featured on the game's cover: Mario can throw his hat to collect coins and transform into enemies.

Other environments shown include a desert, undersea, and a jungle including a Mario-hat-wearing tyrannosaurus Rex.

YouTube commenter Sam Muir6 said it best when he described the video as "Super Mario La La Land."

Super Mario Odyssey is due to go on sale October 27, 2017.