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Super Mario high heels: These shoes were made for leveling up

Get ready to stomp some Koopa Troopas and strut your stuff in a pair of custom Super Mario high-heel pumps.

Super Mario high heels
I'd like to see Tina Turner try these on. magicbeanbuyer

Etsy has turned into quite the geek-craft haven. Case in point: you can pick up a pair of custom hand-painted Super Mario high-heel shoes.

The $115 paint job from Etsy seller magicbeanbuyer doesn't actually include the shoes. You'll have to send along a pair of your choosing to have the design applied. There is one pair of ready-to-go peep-toe heels available in size 8.5 for $142 if you can't wait.

Let's consider who might want these heels: lady plumbers, princesses, gaming geeks, and cross-dressing guy plumbers come to mind.

If the high heels are just too much for you to take, you can check out a pair of Mario Converse kicks. Get them both and you'll be ready for any casual or dress-up occasion.

Now I'm just waiting for someone to come out with a pair of custom-painted Super Mario Vibram FiveFingers so I can get my geek on in minimalist toe shoe comfort.

Super Mario high heels back
Here's some custom Mario pumps from behind. magicbeanbuyer