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Super Bowl to be streamed live in U.S.

The NFL says that its championship game, as well as two playoff games and the Pro Bowl, will be streamed live for the first time. The games will also be available on Verizon mobile devices.

The Super Bowl is coming to a computer near you. Live.

The NFL announced today that for the first time, it will stream the broadcast of its championship game--said to be the most-watched TV event in the world--making it possible for anyone with an Internet-connected computer or a Verizon mobile device to watch the game as it happens.

The Super Bowl, which is scheduled to be played between the winners of the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference on February 5, will be available on both and, the league said.

Online viewers will see the NBC broadcast of the game.

The NFL also said that two wildcard playoff games scheduled for January 7 and the Pro Bowl, which is set for a January 29 kickoff, will also be part of the package that is being called NBC Postseason Extra.

"Complementing [the] stream will be a number of extra features," the NFL said in a release, "to enrich the viewing experience including additional camera angles, in-game highlights, live statistics, and other interactive elements."

The league also said that the package is modeled after its existing Sunday Night Football Extra, which has allowed streaming of some games since 2008. Viewers of those games have had access to extra camera angles, an HD-quality player, DVR features, and more.

But the NFL did leave out specific information on one crucial element: It didn't say whether there would be any additional functionality for viewers more interested in watching the Super Bowl commercials than the game itself.