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Tech Industry

Super Bowl hype hits the Web

With the Super Bowl headed our way once more, both NBC Sports and Arizona State University have new Web sites dedicated to the January 28 game.

Super Bowl XXX is set for January 28, and now Web users can immerse themselves in some pregame glory online.

The game will be held in Tempe, Arizona, at the Arizona State University Sun Devil Stadium. ASU has teamed up with MCI, Netscape Communications, and Sun Microsystems to create a site with Super Bowl activities, contests, events, and info.

The ASU site features a "virtual view" that lets visitors with tickets type in their seat number and then see their view from the stadium. The site will also have live chat sessions with football players.

NBC Sports also has a Super Bowl site in play. The NBC site offers visitors a chance to make suggestions for improving game-day coverage; there's also football stats and highlights from past games.