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Sun's Java Studio Creator warms to Ajax

Sun releases Java Studio Creator 2.

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday released Java Studio Creator 2, a development tool designed to simplify front-end Web development. First introduced about 18 months ago, Java Studio Creator is aimed specifically at programmers accustomed to visual tools, such as Microsoft's Visual Basic, as opposed to more complex, high-end products.With Creator 2, Sun has added a set of components to ease development of Web applications that use Ajax, a set of Web standards for building interactive GUIs.

Sun has also enhanced the tool to make it easier to build a common UI across different Windows, Macintosh or Linux. In addition, Sun has added support for the Java portal standard, which allows programmers to write "portlets," or programs that run within a Web portal. Java Studio Creator 2 is based on the open-source NetBeans tool set and ships with Sun's low-end Java application server and portal server. Creator, as well as all of Sun's development tools, is free to programmers that sign up for Sun's developer program.