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Sunny-side-up spoons

The Sunny Side Up Cutlery line features forks and knives reaching for the sun.

The Sunny Side Up Cutlery d-Vision

I may have spent too much time trying to balance dishes and cutlery in the sink, but the Sunny Side Up Cutlery caught my eye. Each piece of tableware in this set has a solid base, allowing it to stand up without any odd balancing act. These forks, knives and spoons come in a variety of shades of green: they're a unique forest of cutlery reaching for the sun, just like any other plants.

The Sunny Side Up Cutlery line is a recent project from d-Vision, which fosters industrial design ideas with the support of the Keter Group (which manufactures a variety of plastic products, including kitchenware). This project has not moved into manufacturing at this time, but it was shown at the Milan design week. The interns responsible for the Sunny Side Up Cutlery also produced a wide variety of other kitchenware that was also shown in Milan. I'm hoping that they'll make this particular set of flatware available in the future: while the spoons, knives and forks have some intriguing angles that might make eating a little more exciting, I'm really excited about all the drawer space I can save with cutlery that can stand upright on the countertop.