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Sun upgrades servers with faster Opteron

Begins selling x86 servers with faster 3GHz processors from Advanced Micro Devices.

Sun Microsystems has begun selling new Opteron-based x86 servers with faster 3GHz processors, the company said Tuesday. Starting prices are $2,144 for the X2100 with an Opteron 156 and 2GB of memory; $6,995 for the X4200 with an Opteron 256 and 8GB of memory; and $24,545 for a V40z with four Opteron 856 chips, Sun said.

The new 156, 256 and 856 Opterons are faster but more power-hungry variations of the 2.6GHz Opteron 155, 255 and 285 models that chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices announced in March. Hewlett-Packard incorporated those Opterons into its servers that month.