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Sun taps Java for RFID

New software being touted by Sun and device manufacturers will allow Java programs to run embedded on RFID readers.

Sun Microsystems on Wednesday detailed an update to its radio frequency identification software that will allow Java programs to run embedded on RFID readers.

The company said that the second version of its Java System RFID software will be able to run on the devices that collect data from tagged items. Sun announced the update at the JavaOne conference, which is being held in San Francisco this week.

A handful of RFID manufacturers--including SIS Technologies, Intermec and ThingMagic--said Wednesday that they intend to use the latest software in their devices.

Embedding Java RFID software into readers makes them programmable. So instead of sending large amounts of data on warehouse inventory to back-end servers for processing, for example, RFID readers will be able to more intelligently filter data, according to Sun.

The Java System RFID software runs on the desktop edition of Java, called Java Standard Edition, as well as Java Micro Edition, which runs on small devices such as mobile phones.

The Java SE version of Java System RFID is available now. An early version for Java Micro Edition will be available at the end of the summer.