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Sun serves up modular storage

Sun has announced the release of two critical application modular storage products under its StorageTek label.

Sun announced on Thursday the first two members of a midrange storage family, the StorageTek 6140 and the StorageTek 6540 disk arrays. Both use a modular design for lower initial cost and for expandability, and both can accommodate SATA-2 or Fibre Channel drives.

The StorageTek 6140, well suited for hosting databases, starts at $25,000, has a maximum capacity of 112 disk drives and a 4GB cache, and is immediately available. The StorageTek 6540, geared for databases or high-performance computing, starts at $85,000. It has a maximum capacity of 224 disk drives, a 16 GB cache, and will be available in about a month, Sun said.