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Tech Industry

Sun serves up Java to telcos

Sun is trying to get the telephone companies hooked on Java.

Sun Microsystems (SUNW) is trying to get the telephone companies hooked on Java.

The company today announced a Web site, the Java Telecom Object Network (JTONE), designed to promote Java to the telecommunications industry, a potentially huge market for Java applications. Sun hopes the site will encourage developers to create programs that are geared towards specialized tasks such as tracking customer service calls or ordering parts.

Sun is already making some progress.

Bell Atlantic is using Sun's JTONE consulting service to help build a Java-based order entry system for resellers of Bell Atlantic's products.

Sun is becoming more serious about getting several specific industries or "vertical markets" to adopt its programming language. The company has also launched Java Financial Object Xchange, a Web site that serves developers in the financial services industry.

The company has also created a special application programming interface for creating smart card applications.