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Sun Niagara telco blades due this summer

Sun Microsystems has released mainstream servers using its UltraSparc T1 "Niagara" processor, but the company plans blade server models this summer specific for the telecommunications market, said David Yen, executive vice president of the scalable systems group in charge of Sparc machines.

Sun began selling a new line of blade servers using the Advanced Telecom Computer Architecture (ATCA) standard earlier this month; the current Netra CP3010 and CP 3020 models use Sun's UltraSparc IIIi or Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processors, respectively.

"In the summer timeframe, we will release the UltraSparc T1 Niagara blades," Yen said in an interview. Sun's Netra blade servers are available with either Solaris 10 or MontaVista Software's Carrier Grade Edition of Linux.

The company also is seeking business partners that will sell their own Niagara-based telco blades through Sun's newly established OEM business.