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Sun-Netscape alliance to offer calendar server

The iPlanet Calendar Server, aimed at ISPs, will allow users to customize content in calendars and can be accessed from most Web-enabled devices, the firms said.

The Sun Microsystems-Netscape alliance today said it will offer a calendar server targeted at Internet service providers.

iPlanet Calendar Server runs on Solaris, HP-UX, and Windows NT operating systems and supports a wide range of Internet calendar standards, including iCAL and lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) as well as extensible markup language (XML), and can be accessed from most Web-enabled devices, according to the companies.

Users can customize content in the calendar through the integrated event feed feature that feeds company events, important dates, and other information from the server, according to the companies.

The two companies, through the alliance, have merged their respective Internet products into a new line of corporate Internet software, including corporate email, application servers, Web servers, directory servers, collaboration, and calendar software.

Due to ship in 60 days, iPlanet Calendar Server is priced from $7 per user.