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Sun mounts telco strategy

With a server that guarantees less than five minutes of yearly downtime and Java-capable networking software, Sun enters a growing new market.

Sun Microsystems will try to break into the telecommunications market with a new server guaranteed not to go down for more than five minutes of the year. Java figures in the plan too, as the linchpin in Sun's plans to offer software tying together telephone, computer, and other networks into one giant ubernetwork while providing consulting services for telecommunications companies who don't want to get their hands dirty.

Sun telco server guarantees 99.999% uptime
Sun's new Netra 1800 will combine with Java-capable networking software in an effort to erase the distinctions between the networks that carry ordinary telephone calls, cellular phone calls, Internet information, and cable TV.

Sun software targets telcos, ISPs
With Solstice Enterprise Manager 3.0, Sun believes it has found a market niche not well served by the big network management software vendors, such as Computer Associates, IBM subsidiary Tivoli Systems, and Hewlett-Packard.

Analyst sees $60 billion IP phone market
The worldwide market for IP-based telephone service will skyrocket to $60 billion by 2005 as telephone companies make "radical" network changes, according to a research firm.

New market goal for Sun: Telecom
High-capacity, high-reliability computers are a vital part of the telecommunications infrastructure, Sun figures.