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Sun heats up for network confab

The company uses this week's SunNetwork 2002 conference in San Francisco to release details about its strategy. The latest: "N1," free cryptography and learning from one's mistakes.

Sun Microsystems uses this week's SunNetwork 2002 conference in San Francisco to release details about its strategy to rebuild its leadership in the tech industry. Its strategy includes a focus on chips, server software, Linux and its StarOffice productivity suite.

Sun touts savings with new server scheme
Executives promised companies major costs savings if they sign on to its "N1" plan. Analysts say the plan is ambitious; will it work?
September 19, 2002

Open-source group gets Sun security gift
Sun donates new cryptography technology to an open-source project at the heart of many secure transactions on the Internet.
September 19, 2002

Sun CEO speaks of boom-era mistakes
Scott McNealy says he hired too many people and rented too much real estate. But he says he's learned from his errors, and the company's adjusting.
September 19, 2002

Sun releases Liberty Alliance tool
The company unveils a new open-source software development tool designed to help businesses build online identification systems using the new Liberty Alliance standard.
September 18, 2002

Sun's Linux PC cheaper, McNealy boasts
The CEO discloses that Sun will sell both hardware and software for Linux-based "purple box" desktops that will compete with Windows machines in niche areas.
September 18, 2002

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McNealy: CFOs are a tough sell
Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun Microsystems
UltraSparc chips speed up to 1.2GHz
The computer maker will announce its highest-end microprocessor to date on Wednesday, a 1.2GHz UltraSparc III that consumes less power than its predecessors.
September 17, 2002

Sun to set path for virtual servers
The server giant plans to reveal this week a timeline for N1, a project to develop software that will let servers and storage devices act as one big virtual mainframe.
September 17, 2002

StarOffice giveaway expands
The company is expected to announce that it will give away its software suite to ministries of education in Europe and Africa, in an effort to undermine rival Microsoft.
September 16, 2002

Sun's comeback plan on horizon
Sun Microsystems, backed into a corner by competitors and by economics, is launching new projects in an effort to revitalize its diminished computer-industry leadership.
September 16, 2002

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Red Hat, Sun to boost desktop Linux
The Linux seller will release a new version of its software for corporate desktop computers that follows in the mold of its high-end server version, while Sun will use Linux inside its own company on desktop computers.
August 13, 2002