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Sun, EMC ink development agreement

EMC agrees to port storage software to the Solaris 10 operating system and other efforts for greater compatibility.

EMC and Sun Microsystems have agreed to a number of development projects aimed at ensuring the compatibility of their products, the latest joint effort in a longstanding partnership between the companies.

Specifically, EMC plans to port its storage software, including PowerPath and Legato NetWorker, to Sun's Solaris 10 operating system. The company will also port its Documentum, Legato and Smarts programs to the operating system on systems with both Sparc and Advanced Micro Devices Opteron processors, the companies said Thursday.

The work should help businesses use Sun and EMC technologies together to share, protect and store data, they said.

The companies also agreed to jointly handle customer support calls, and Sun will continue to resell EMC's Legato NetWorker as its backup and recovery software.

Sun and EMC said they're also discussing joint technical efforts related to Sun's Cluster software and a number of other technologies.