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Sun debuts telco infrastructure program

The program offers a range of Sun hardware, software and services that can be used to design new telecommunication services, including VoIP.

Sun Microsystems announced on Monday a new program aimed at helping telecommunications companies build new services using technologies such as voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Sun's Open Service Delivery Platform Solutions Program offers communications providers a range of Sun hardware, software and services that promise to aid in the design of new commercial and residential services.

According to Sun, the technologies offered via the program, including its Solaris 10 operating system, constitute a framework from which telecommunications companies can pick and choose various elements in order to rapidly create new services. In addition to its own products, the company is also signing on various networking hardware, software and service providers to expand the technological reach of the initiative. Among the firms already enlisted to participate in the effort are Appium, Drutt, EDS, jNetx, Open Cloud and Terraplay.