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Sun cuts prices on workstations

Sun Microsystems cut prices by up to 30 percent for its workstations and introduced a $10,000 entry-level model.

Hoping to stay competitive with workstation rivals and a growing breed of high-performance PCs becoming known as "personal workstations," Sun Microsystems today cut prices by up to 30 percent across its Ultra line of workstations and introduced a $10,000 entry-level model.

The new model, the Ultra 1, includes a 143-MHz UltraSparc processor, 32MB of memory, a 1.05GB hard drive, and 17-inch monitor for just south of $10,000. Pricing for the next-level Ultra workstation, the Ultra 1 Creator Model 170E, has been reduced to $22,995 from $25,995.

Both the new model and the price cuts, which apply to existing uniprocessor and dual-processor Ultras, come at a time when PCs from Gateway 2000, Dell, and Intergraph featuring Intel processors with speeds up to 200 MHz are beginning to encroach on workstation territory.

Gateway 2000, for example, sells a 200-MHz Pentium Pro computer with 64MB of memory, 2GB hard drive, and a 21-inch monitor for $6,999.

Sun's Ultra workstations are still aimed at its traditional educational, government, and technical markets.

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