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Suitcase 11 problems

Suitcase 11 problems

General issues We've received a couple of reports of problems with Suitcase 11, which was recently released with Panther support. Reader Brian Walls sent a fairly detailed report of problems he has been experiencing:

"Before running the the new version (11.02) I deleted all of my previous suitcase preferences and sets. I launched the updated application and imported all of my pre-organized font folders without any problems, but when i began trying to preview and activate fonts several problems immediately appeared:

    1. fonts still do not preview correctly. This was a problem for me in the previous versions of suitcase 10 and X1, but it seems to be much WORSE than before. hundreds and hundreds of blank preview squares, with only a few of them containing the annoying message "preview not available." I used the "scan and repair" command but no problems were found, and no explanation is offered as to why they will not preview. Suitcase 10 would often preview a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT font than the one selected to preview. i have not seen that problem yet in X1 11.02.

    2. numerous conflicts with system fonts - even after enabling suitcase X1's options to "manage system fonts" and "override system fonts." There seems to be NO WAY to activate these fonts via Suitcase X1 11.02 in Panther (although they worked just fine in Jaguar).

    3. the program has been crashing occasionally when attempting to view fonts.

    4. the program stops responding quite often when trying to 1. activate a font or 2. scroll down the preview panel. I need to force quit and relaunch the app each time this happens.

"All in all, I would say there are still some major issues for Extensis to work out. I've waited this long for a fix, but I have work to do. It looks like I will need to reinstall jaguar, as master juggler was slower than glacial on my dual 1 ghz G4."

Suitcase and WindowShade X Yesterday we posted a report from a reader who could not launch Suitcase 11.0.2 when WindowShade X was installed. In response, we've received reports from a number of MacFixIt readers who are using the same combination without problems.

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