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Suit against magazine-sharing site settled

The magazine-sharing site is removing much of its copyrighted content after reaching a settlement in a suit filed by magazine publishers.

Just months after its launch, the magazine-sharing Web site is largely cutting back on the free content it offers, after reaching a settlement agreement in a suit filed by a group of magazine publishers.

Launched in late July, Mygazines allows users to upload and share magazines and originally offered clear, complete digital copies of popular magazines such as People, Esquire, and Allure. A number of publishers, including Time Inc., Hearst, and Newsweek, filed suit in a New York district court on August 21, asking the site to be shut down in the U.S.

A settlement was reached on September 8, under which Mygazines agreed to remove the publishers' copyrighted content and review uploaded content for unauthorized material, according to Folio.

The suit was filed against Budd Salveo, run by a Canadian named Darren Budd, which registered the site in the Caribbean island of Anguilla. On September 9, a Toronto court issued an order to uphold the settlement.

Mygazines still offers digital copies of magazines like Today's Bride and Computer Graphics World.