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'Suicide Squad,' and Jared Leto, skewered by Honest Trailers

Mocking "Suicide Squad" is easy when the official trailer already proclaims the main characters "the worst heroes ever."

When a movie like "Suicide Squad" makes more headlines for its behind-the-scenes drama than for the storyline itself, it's not hard to make fun of it.

In a YouTube video posted Tuesday, Honest Trailers takes a closer look at the DC Comics movie Warner Bros. marketing already said featured "the worst heroes ever."

Honest Trailers ridicules Warner Bros. for only spending six weeks writing the script, reshuffling its executives during production, reshooting key scenes and juggling seven different cuts of the film. Then there's the Joker.

"Experience Jared Leto's intense method acting that blurred the line between actor, character and total douchebag," the Honest Trailers narrator says. "He does in just 10 minutes of screen time what no other actor has been able to do -- make the Joker totally suck in an interpretation that combines James Franco in "Spring Breakers," with "Ace Ventura" and a cat."