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'Suicide Squad' gets a PG-13 rating, for a softer kind of edgy

The worst heroes ever are officially getting the worst rating ever -- if you were hoping a movie starring flashy DC villains would be especially outrageous and dark.

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It looks like DC's "Suicide Squad" is going to be more like Marvel's family-friendly "Guardians of the Galaxy" than its boundary-pushing "Deadpool."

On Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly reported that the anticipated ensemble movie has officially gotten a PG-13 rating from the MPAA. Starring a roundup of DC villains on the murderous and deranged end of the scale, including the popular Harley Quinn, the movie could lean more toward dark comedy or straight action. We've been examining the trailers for clues, but either way it was going to be dark.

Our Luke Lancaster had already spotted some reasons to worry "Suicide Squad" could be dead on arrival. Does stopping short of an R rating count as a bad sign?

We'll see if they can pull off the mission of making a socially acceptable story about some very unacceptable people when the movie opens worldwide in August.