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SugarLoving: Sugar Inc.'s saccharine answer to Digg

The blog network continues its trek into the social media world by launching a social news site. Unfortunately, it's pink and cute and icky.

Sugar Inc., the women's-oriented blog network that grew out of a single celebrity gossip title and now encompasses about a dozen others with the word "Sugar" in the title, has now branched into social news. On Monday, the company launched SugarLoving, which is a way for you to submit links that you "heart." Essentially, the model is similar to that of social news pioneer Digg. But SugarLoving is so cute and huggable, there isn't even a way for you to "bury" links that you don't like! Aww! We're all friends here!

This is one of quite a few moves that the rapidly growing Sugar Inc. has made to branch from simply editorial content into social media--in September, the company purchased social shopping site ShopStyle, and it already operates a community site called TeamSugar.

I've got to say that I'm just not loving SugarLoving. On the practical side, I can't see nearly enough stories on the front page without scrolling. Then there's the fact that there are too many hearts and too much pink, to the degree that it sort of made me cringe. The interface, quite honestly, looks like what the end result would be if that girl from Legally Blonde were instructed to give Digg a makeover in the manner of 2001-vintage Hilary Duff. If SugarLoving is a "sweeter version of Digg," as Mashable calls it, I'm more than happy to return to the Kevin Rose-created world of iPhone rumors, bizarre sights that turn up on Google Earth, and incomprehensible posts about Linux.

A girl cannot live on cuteness alone, after all. Sugar Inc. really ought to stick to lifestyle blogs--or tone down the hearts.