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Submit It helps detour traffic

Submit It will distribute site listings to help maximize Net traffic.

Submit It today expanded the scope of its existing service to distribute Web site listings that promise to help sites maximize the Net traffic they can successfully detour from search engines and other online directories.

Submit It has been running a free service that takes information offered by Webmasters and circulates it to the top 18 search engines and directories. The idea is that the service lets developers control how their sites are represented when they turn up on a list of results; if a search turns back more specific and compelling descriptions of a given Web site rather than the sometimes garbled descriptions that the search engine, the theory goes, the searcher is more likely to click on it.

Now, the privately held company is expanding the number of possible outlets to more than 200 search engines and directories and is charging $60 for a new Gold version of the service.

To use Submit It, a user fills out a form at the company's Web site that the company then redistributes to all the search engines that the customer selects. The for-pay service also lets customers update their listings, customize the listings for specific search services.

The company is also pitching a Pro version tailored for service providers that promote multiple Web clients, and priced at $200 for a ten-company license and $300 for a 20-company license.