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Sub du jour goes all-electric

This submarine, which seats two people just below the water's surface, can cruise up to eight hours between battery charges.

Battery pack lets Ego cruise for up to eight hours. Raonhaje

This sub could make even Philippe Cousteau, with so many water toys at his disposal, a little jealous.

The Ego "compact semi-submarine" from Raonhaje--showcased at the Miami Boat Show last week--functions as both a motor boat and as a sub that seats two just below the water's surface.

Instead of using a rudder and outboard motor, both the Ego LE (luxury edition) and the Ego SE (standard edition) are run by electric podded propulsion with a battery-powered BLDC (Brushless DC electric motor).

The completely battery-powered sub uses a Trojan T-890 battery pack--a golf-cart battery--that allows the boat to run for up to eight hours at moderate cruising or about four hours at top speed between charges, according to company specs.

But the owner better be able to dock it near an outlet overnight as Raonhaje specs also say it takes about six to nine hours to fully recharge the battery pack.

The Ego is both a motor boat and a sub. Raonhaje

Other accessories on the boat include an LED battery gauge, a digital depth sounder, and a front/back switch to cruise in both directions.

It also has an LCD screen fed by an onboard camera for viewing your above-board surroundings when you are down below.

Offered in such colors as Persian Pink and French Rose, the Ego seems to be marketed as a leisure toy and not the kind of boat for scientists. But Korea-based Raonhaje says the vessel can be fully outfitted with equipment for research purposes.