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Suarez World Cup bite sets off Twitter meme frenzy

Harkening Mike Tyson's famous gnawing of Evander Holyfield's ear, the soccer star is pictured wearing a dog cone, with fangs, as Hannibal, and more.


After allegedly sinking his teeth into a rival's shoulder during a World Cup match, Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez unwittingly took on several alter egos on Tuesday -- Hannibal, a vampire, a shark, a fanged man, and more.

The uproar began when Suarez took an wide-mouth bite of Italian player Giorgio Chiellini's left shoulder while competing for a position in the soccer field, according to The New York Times. As both players fell to the ground, Uruguay scored the one goal of the game, which won the match and caused Italy to be eliminated from the World Cup tournament.

Despite a plethora of photos showing Chiellini's gnawed shoulder, Suarez claims innocence saying he just bumped into his rival. However, this assertion seems sketchy considering the fact that Suarez bit two other players in matches before the World Cup.

Unsurprisingly, the alleged bite has set off a meme frenzy causing Suarez to temporarily become the butt of the Internet joke world.

Here's a handful of memes being tossed around social media:



Not only are memes dominating the web, but also dozens of jokes and one-liners about the Suarez bite are circulating on social media. Evander Holyfield, the boxer known for having lost a chunk of his ear to a bite from Mike Tyson, tweeted, "I guess any part of the body is up for eating."

American football player Chris Long wrote, "Well, at least Suarez is sticking to his #paleo diet."

And, World Cup official sponsor McDonald's tweeted to Suarez, "If you feel hungry, come take a bite of a Big Mac."

It's unclear how FIFA, the governing body for world soccer, will punish Suarez for his déclassé behavior, but it's pretty clear he probably won't be playing in this year's World Cup again.