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Stylish DIY Pokedex cover helps with Pokemon Go battery woes

Sparkfun user Nick Poole has created a handy DIY Pokedex smartphone cover that adds 2,600mAh to your device's battery life.

Nick Poole/Spark Fun

As any seasoned Pokemon trainer will tell you, Pokemon Go has quite a habit of draining your phone's battery life.

This means that you either have to lug around an unwieldy portable power bank or simply go home and live in a world without Pokemon. As if anyone would want that.

However, thanks to one intrepid Pokemon Go fan, salvation is at hand. Tinkerer Nick Poole over at Sparkfun has created a 3D-printed smartphone cover shaped like a classic Kanto-era Pokedex, complete with a bright red colour scheme and red, yellow and green LED's. And it doubles as a battery power pack.

"Pokémon Go seems to have been engineered specifically to test the limits of smartphone performance," Poole said of his motivation to craft the gadget. "To play the game you need to have GPS, mobile data and the LCD screen running pretty much full blast. On top of that, the processor is constantly updating and rendering a live map and trying to keep track of your items and effects."

The Pokedex case adds another 2,600mAh and all it takes, according to Poole, is a 3D printer and some basic electrical know-how. The good news here is that if you want a Pokedex case, and have a 3D printer, you don't have to wait. Poole has created a nifty how-to as well as put the 3D-printer template on open source database, GitHub.

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