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Stylish Acer monitor misses performance mark

We take a look at the Acer S243HL. A stylish monitor that misses the performance mark.

The Team Edward of monitors in full effect! Josh P. Miller/CNET

Performance accounts for 50 percent of our overall monitor ratings. So, as much effort as we put into rating the design and features of a monitor (20 percent each respectively), performance will make or break the overall rating.

And rightly so. Performance is the most important attribute of a monitor. I mean, if you're going to be staring at this screen all day it, it had better deliver a clear picture of what you're seeing or what's the point?

The Acer S243HL was designed to have a unique and visually-striking look, and on a strictly aesthetics front, it succeeds. However, as you may be able to surmise by my lead in, its performance doesn't quite match its good looks. Kind of like the monitor version of Robert Pattinson, if his guest spot on the "Daily Show" this week is any indication.

Anyway, check out the full review to see what the S243HL gets right and what it gets wrong. Also be sure to see the monitor hub for all the latest reviews...of monitors, of course.