StyleScript and desktop printing conflict

StyleScript and desktop printing conflict

A reader reports a problem printing with Mac OS 7.6 installed, using StyleScript and a DeskJet 855 with background printing on. The problem did not occur with System 7.5.5. The reader contacted GDT and received the following reply:

"StyleScript was not intentionally designed to work with Apple's desktop printing software, but because we follow Apple's design principals, StyleScript worked with the original desktop printing software. Apple has since released a new version of the desktop printing software that will only work with Apple printers. Ourselves, like HP, Epson and Canon, can not make desktop compatible printer drivers as Apple has not released the technology to us. We would like to, but until Apple tells us how, we can not. In the mean time, you will need to disable the desktop printing software to print. StyleScript will work with the regular PrintMonitor."

The reader reports that this work-around worked - but only after he also updated to the latest version (9.3) of the DJ800 printer driver. Otherwise, he reported problems with startup crashes due to the HP Background extension.

Henry Giordanelli reports similar problems getting StyleScript 3.0.1 to work with background printing enabled and running Mac OS 7.6. It worked fine with Mac OS 7.5.5.