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Got a stupid question for an astronaut? These are stupider

Houston, we have a hashtag: #StupidQuestionsForAstronauts shows that Twitter jokesters can truly rocket. And then a real astronaut decides to help out.

Ever wanted to ask an astronaut a question about his or her spacey experiences? You'll have to come up with a pretty creative query to top these questions, posed on Twitter Tuesday and Wednesday with the hashtag, #StupidQuestionsForAstronauts.

The topic came from the HashtagRoundup account and the OpenMicRejects podcast, and it didn't take long for the topic to blast off.

This one had an obvious answer:

And then a real astronaut, Clayton C. Anderson, jumped in to help out with some answers.

He even answered the most popular question, about the lost red balloon of childhood. Sad to say, Balloony won't be returning any time soon.

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