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Stupid cell phone accessories

SkyMall advertises a Wrist Cell Phone Carrier that allows you to carry your cell phone with a wrist strap. Functional maybe, but not so fashionable.

Uh, what is this? Kent German/CNET

One of the best things about flying is the chance to leaf through the Skymall catalog. Indeed, there's no better celebration of our nation's obsession with consumerism. Where else can you find a tacky table-and-chairs set that's disguised as a bookcase or a quirky baking pan that ensures everyone gets an end piece?

Gadgets have also made their way into Skymall in the past. We've seen a floating speaker for your swimming pool, and last year the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 graced the cover of the February issue for $799. But even gadgets and absurdity can intersect. Just take this Wrist Cell Phone Carrier that I saw last weekend during a flight home form Seattle.

Like many products straight out of an infomercial, the Wrist Cell Phone carrier invents problems that you don't have. No more bulging pockets and digging through a bag for your phone, it promises. Instead you can carry your handset securely and comfortably right on your wrist. And even better, it's a fashion statement! You can can buy it for $29.95, and the "leather look" design is available in multiple colors.

I'm always on the hunt for ridiculous cell phone accessories, and I'd argue that the wrist strap almost beats the Cell-Mate that I found earlier this year at CTIA. I mocked it then, but that product is still around, so someone must be buying it. That's why I wouldn't be shocked to see someone wearing the Wrist Cell Phone Carrier. Of course, they'd be thumbing through SkyMall at the time.