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StumbleUpon revamps video offerings for Wii browsers

Now you can surf its video offerings from the Wii.

Web site discovery and recommendation site StumbleUpon, best known for its thumbs-up-or-down recommendation and discovery system for Web sites, has given its Stumble Video product a makeover that targets the coveted demographic of Wii addicts. The site now has an interface specifically designed for the Wii's Opera browser so that Wii owners can use their consoles to find cool new videos from YouTube and other sites, targeted specifically toward their prior StumbleUpon rating histories. It's a bit like Netflix's recommendation service.

Stumble Video's new Wii interface, and a 'PC' StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon, which claims nearly 2 million registered users, has also released the 3.0 version of its downloadable toolbar so that video search is integrated into it along with the site's trademark web site discovery features. (It's found me a whole lot of cool sites about kittens.) The company's founders, Garrett Camp and Dave Feller, hinted to CNET that StumbleUpon would like to eventually bring Stumble Video to other wireless-enabled TV boxes. Apple TV, maybe? Now that Steve Jobs has turned into a total anti-DRM hippie (ha, ha) you never know.