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Stuff your stockings with iPod Touch accessories

CNET editors round up cases, speakers, and more for the Apple iPod Touch.


So you've managed to get your hands on one of the world's most sought-after MP3 players, the Apple iPod Touch. This sleek and innovative device will keep you plenty entertained for sure--especially with music applications from Pandora and AOLadding Internet radio capability--but you'll soon realize that a little extra investment can help you get the most out of your player. For one thing, those stock Apple earbuds aren't the best-sounding--or most comfortable--headphones to be had. The first step is to upgrade, and our top headphones list is an excellent place to start. Pay special attention to models with built-in mics, such as the Etymotic hf2, which allow you to take advantage of the players voice applications.

That done, head over to our iPod Touch accessories page and find a variety of cases to protect your investment, as well as some innovative ways to enjoy your content on-the-go and in the home.