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Stuff these compact camera accessories in your stockings

Here's a handful of extras to bring a smile to your favorite snapshooter's face.


For the most part, compact cameras get shafted when it comes to cool accessories.

Sure, you have your assorted cases and mini tripods and cleaning kits, but really that's about it. Or is it?

If you're looking for something a little less ordinary to go with a point-and-shoot or interchangeable lens compact, here are a few options.

Nice Clip
Yep, it's just a clip with an adhesive strip on back. But if you know someone who's constantly misplacing lens caps or has a battery-charging cable that's forever dropping off the desk to the floor, it's $9.95 well spent.

Flipbac Camera Grips
Most pocket cameras do away with any sort of front grip for the sake of design. These little $10 grips let you quickly--and nondestructively--add one. Flipbac also sells stick-on mirrors (pictured up top) letting you instantly change a camera's fixed LCD into an angle viewfinder.

As mini tripods go, the Tiltpod is about the smallest you can get. The $15 support consists of a tiny base with a nonskid bottom and a screw with a rounded head that you put into a tripod mount. The base has a small indent with a strong magnet in it, and that's where the head of the screw rests, creating a ball and socket.

Black Rapid SnapR 20
The $40 SnapR 20 combines a sling strap, wrist strap, and small padded bag in one package. That alone is nice, but what's better is that the pieces can be used together or separately.

Sun Sniper Compact strap
Sling straps are generally more comfortable than neck straps and keep the camera out of the way when you're not shooting, but allow you to get the camera quickly into position. What sets this $60 one apart from basic sling straps is its padded shoulder rest, integrated shock absorber, and a nylon strap reinforced with a steel antitheft wire and backed with a $500 insurance policy.

Spider Holster Black Widow
For those who don't like straps of any kind, there's the $50 Black Widow holster. Just slip the holster onto a belt and attach the pin to the tripod socket on a camera. The pin slides into the holster, locking securely in place on your hip. Press down on a lever to release the camera and you're ready to shoot.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Here are some more camera accessory suggestions.