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Study: Miami top online flirting city in U.S.

According to research by social network Badoo, Miami enjoys the most flirtatious online activity in the U.S. New York comes in a mere fourth. Tied with Tampa.

I have a soft spot for Miami.

It is the only American city worth inhabiting from October until April. It has, to my mind, one of the finest restaurants in the U.S.--Sra. Martinez. And it does often seem to have its priorities in the right order: Gym before breakfast. Breakfast before beach. Beach before dinner.

Now, Miami appears to be embracing another fine characteristic. According to the social network Badoo, Miami experiences more online flirting than any other city in America.

Badoo's global study looked at 12 million flirtatious contacts over a one-month period. In a fit of mathematical frenzy, Badoo seems to have counted in which city those chats were initiated.

Miami beat out Boston and, would you believe, San Francisco to gain its enticing crown. New York, a place that seems to fancy itself the best of everything, came in a mere fourth. It was tied with the city that has recently had a far better baseball team, Tampa.

Orlando, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and Phoenix rounded out the U.S. top 10.

Miami. A place of such simple pleasures. CC DoorToRiver/Flickr

I must underline, though, that if Badoo's 109 million users are anything to go by, American online flirting is a minor-league affair.

For even Miami doesn't show the barest leg in the world's top 10 of online flirtatiousness. In fact, it ranks 62nd in the world. (New York is 89th.)

The world's No. 1 city is, allegedly, Athens. Yes, the very same city in which an Apple support company, instead of using flirtatiousness to appease a complaining customer, decided to sue him instead.

Athenians seem to send an average of more than seven flirtatious messages a month more than do those in Miami.

Very close behind are Moscow, Kuwait City, and Baku. Yes, the capital of Azerbaijan is, allegedly, a veritable hotbed of online come-ons. Some might find it odd that there is so much affection so freely offered there, given that a WikiLeaks cable sent by the U.S. Embassy compared the Azerbaijani president to a couple of Corleones.

Some might also wonder whether this study might have as much accuracy as a policeman throwing three sheets into the wind to measure a driver's blood alcohol level.

Still, wouldn't you rather live in an expressive city like Miami, rather than in a place where the rate of online flirtations doesn't even make the U.S. top 10?

You know, some gnarly little place like Dallas.