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Study: Fantasy sports sites addictive

Once a hobby of statistics fanatics and number crunchers, fantasy sports is flourishing online.

Fantasy sports, once a hobby of statistics fanatics and number crunchers, is flourishing online. Seven million Americans visited on average 200 fantasy sports Web pages per person every month from October 2003 through May 2004, according to a report by online measurement firm ComScore Media Metrix.

In contrast, visitors to standard sports sites turned 107 Web pages a month; entertainment sites saw 148 pages visited; while news sites reached 75 pages a month, according to the report. Most fantasy sports players used Yahoo, ESPN or CBS SportsLine, the top three sites in that sector. At 3.1 million visitors per month, Yahoo drew three times more visitors than ESPN or SportsLine, which came in at 950,000 and 930,000 visitors, respectively.