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Study: European doctors getting iPad fever

The continued proliferation of iPads in professional service environments continues as a survey conducted amongst doctors in Europe shows strong ownership and usage numbers for the iPad.


According to a new study by Manhattan Research, which surveyed more than 1,200 physicians across Europe, 26 percent of doctors claim they own an Apple iPad and spend more than 25 percent of their professional time using it.

Doctors in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and the U.K. participated in the survey reported by PMLiVE, a medical industry blog (via AppleInsider).

As you can imagine, the top usage for the iPad was for Internet use, accounting for 27 percent of the doctors' Internet usage, beating out traditional cell phones and smartphones (18 percent) and falling short of desktops and notebooks (55 percent).

The survey, conducted in the fourth quarter of 2011, also came to another interesting conclusion: 40 percent of doctors plan on buying an iPad in the next six months (likely looking forward to the immanent iPad 3 update).

Manhattan Research analysts said most of the physicians in the study used their iPad to look up information online and watch videos, and they showed "significant interest in using iPads to manage and educate their patients." With iPads becoming more prominent in business and education, the transition to the medical field seems natural.

Christina Anthogalidis, principal analyst at Manhattan Research, said: "We discovered that iPad-owning physicians spend an impressive 27 percent of their professional online time on the device, likely replacing desktop time and probably some offline media time too.

"Use of these devices at the point-of-care to educate patients and manage records is also promising at this stage."

Have you had a physician use an iPad to help educate you (or someone you know) about your health? Is having iPads in the doctor's office a good idea? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!