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Students spy on teachers, boast on Facebook

Two girls at a Swedish school bug their teachers' staff room in the hope of getting clues to getting better grades. Then one of them uses Facebook to tell others how clever they are.

Sweden is such a lovely, law-abiding place. No one ever makes false allegations. Everyone respects their fellow person, just as they want to be respected.

So I was suddenly in need of a kneading from a Swedish masseur when I read about two Stockholm schoolgirls who transgressed against their educators in a disturbingly technological manner.

According to The Local (Swedish news in English, rather than an English pub), these two schoolgirls wanted to know what was going on in the teachers' staff room during a grading conference.

Fortune temporarily smiled upon them, as they happened to find a key to that very staff room.

Remember, kids. Listening can get you into trouble. CC Cameron Cassan/Flickr

However, their next steps were slightly injudicious. They went to a local purveyor of gadgetry and bought themselves some bugging equipment. Locating their inner Russian spy, they sneaked into the staff room and planted the bugs.

They were ready, then, to listen in to the teachers and perhaps glean some vital tips that might improve their academic standing.

I have no knowledge of how high that standing stood at that very moment. But it may have fallen when one of the girls was reportedly so excited by such a clever ruse that she boasted about it on Facebook.

Oh, you know how it ends when you reveal the contents of your innards on Facebook. You get taken to court. And so it was with these two middle schoolers, who were reported for trespassing and the rather delightfully translated "arbitrary conduct," and fined 2000 kronor (around $270) each.

I wonder if they'll get good grades, though, for listening to their teachers.