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Tech Industry

Students rank tech employers

A survey by a career magazine and an advertising firm names the top "most desirable" employers for engineering students.

Where do you want to go if you're a graduating computer science or engineering student? To Microsoft, as well as Sun Microsystems, Intel, Lucent, Raytheon Systems, or IBM, at least according to one new survey.

Those companies were named among the top "most desirable" employers for engineering students in a survey by Graduating Engineer & Computer Careers magazine and Bernard Hodes Advertising.

"High-tech companies continued to dominate the list among computer science and computer

Survey's top employers:
Sun Microsystems
Raytheon Systems
Digital Equipment
Lockheed Martin
Cisco Systems
engineering students, with Microsoft snaring the No. 1 spot, rising from No. 3 in 1995," the survey said. "IBM, Intel, AT&T, and Hewlett-Packard appeared again this year on the list, but more than 70 percent of companies mentioned, including Sun Microsystems and Lucent (tied at No. 2), as well as Raytheon Systems (No. 5), are new to the list." (Raytheon Systems has merged with Hughes's defense business.)

In all engineering disciplines, Lockheed Martin ranked No. 1, Boeing ranked second, IBM ranked third, Motorola ranked fourth, and GE ranked fifth. Three companies--AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, and Texas Instruments--fell off the top 10 list after having ranked in 1995, the survey said. Microsoft ranked No. 12.

The survey marks the ninth biennial student employer preference survey by the magazine. It is based on 336 students and postgraduates from more than 170 universities, who responded to the survey questions published in the magazine's February, March, April, and September 1997 issues.