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Delhi University proposes a course on Facebook posts

A newly proposed English module at India's Delhi University will seek to help its students master the craft of writing engaging Facebook posts.

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A university in India wants to boost its students' social-media game.

The English Department at Delhi University (DU) has proposed a new course that will teach its students to write better Facebook posts, reports Hindustan Times. It would also help students craft blogs and cover letters.

"The draft has taken approximately 2 years to complete and has been cleared by the Committee of Courses," head of DU's English department, Professor Christel Devadawson, told CNET. "It is now under review."

Social media's impact on business is well documented, helping to boost brand loyalty and drive traffic. But this wouldn't be a course on social media for businesses -- it would simply aim to help students communicate better over Facebook.

With more than 200 million users registered on Facebook, India is Facebook's second largest market. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has long had eyes on India, having voiced hope to connect the hundreds of millions who are without internet in the populous nation.

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