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Students access HSC results via PlayStation 3

A spokesperson for the Board of Studies confirmed that in the first 24 hours, 33 students had used a PlayStation 3 to access its website to get their HSC marks, while 21 more have used a PSP.

Marks are out. Now back to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2(Credit: CBSi)

The days of waiting by the gate for the postman to deliver your HSC marks seem so quaint now.

Nowadays, the numbers that distil the educational efforts of the first 12 years of your life can be accessed through the internet, by SMS message or over the telephone.

In the first 24 hours since students in NSW could access their results online, the Board of Studies website had been hit more than 137,000 times. And who needs a PC to web browse anymore? A spokesperson for the department confirmed that so far, 33 students had used a PlayStation 3 to access the site, while 21 more had used a PSP. Presumably for those school leavers, the marks mean either "game on" or "game over" for further study.