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Student + Mac = free iPod!

Student + Mac = free iPod!

Now that July is upon us, we're only a month away from some college students making the trek back to campus, exchanging their summer frivolity for hours in the library. If you're one of those students, Apple's current promotion may interest you: a $179 rebate if you buy any Mac and an iPod between now and September 16, 2006. With Apple's discount for students (check your eligibility here), the 2GB Nano is just $179--that's right, a free Nano or other discounted iPod to help you "multitask" (distract yourself) while studying, writing papers, and doing problem sets. Check out our reviews of Apple's latest MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Power Mac.

Though we at CNET appreciate a discount on the 5G iPod or iPod Nano as much as the next geek, we're still wishing for the iPod Flea.